OHSystem.net shutting down!

Hey community, friends and followers,

OHSystem.net has come to an end and will be shut down today. We will no longer host any games nor score or track any stats.
The final reason was the announcement of the Patch 1.30.2 which bring up breaking changes to the working way of hosting bots, but this is not the only reason.

I am working on hosting bots and this community since over 7 years, it had its up and downs at several times, but was never too stressfull for me. Since the developing of the Blizzard team, which is mostly negative for custom games, I was facing constant more and more issues. It got a lot more stressfull, the community was decreasing further and further and there was no longer the motivation I had initial. Why should I develope anything which is only for a handfull of people in the end? That does not justify the time, money and effort i put into the whole developing & hosting.
Another huge decision factor was the fact that the Blizzard team is not trustworthy. We had several issues and talked with them, they always claimed to support hosting bots and do not want to break it, but they just did. Replacing it with their own implementation. It is their full right to handle stuff like that and decide it in that way. But they could have informed the community about it. The sudden release notes are a pain.
I am not looking into supporting or investing time into a game where the developers are not trustworthy.

All that points combined made me closing the platform.

I hope anyone that have been a part of our community will find a suiteable solution for the future. But from my perspective, no one that has spent time on a community will find the future on the official realms.

I want to thank everyone that has been played on our platform through the years and enjoyed his time on my servers. And had their joy with our stats and ELO scoring.
I want to thank all of our staff members for being with us and manage all the difficult times we had.
Special thanks to CryWolf for being supportive and a friend for more than 5 years now. It is rarely that you can really say you found a friend online and I am happy i did.
I also want to thank any of the communities I am in contact with for being supportive, sharing thoughts and just being able to make Warcraft III a better place. I will be surely available and helpful in case you need me.

Goodbye and farewell,

If anyone want to reach out for me, you can find me on discord: Grief-Code#6230

General downtime for bots

Hello Humans, Orcs, Undead and Night elves.

For those of you wondering why you are unable to play that game of Legion TD, Vampirism or Dota you were so looking forward to, It is because We as Auto hosting Bot providers felt drastic measures were needed to show how much value we bring to the Warcraft 3 community. Not only do we provide a stable host for all to enjoy where we endeavor to keep the games clear of griefers and trolls but we also strive to keep games competitive by adding ranking systems and tracking your stats to ensure a more enjoyable experience.

Blizzard wants to remove Hosting bots from Warcraft 3. If they do, this is what it will be like for everyone. Fear not, for our services are only down temporarily but if we don't band together and convince Blizzard to change their mind, you will never be able to play that competitive custom game ever again.

Official message from all the following communities:

ENT Gaming, OHSystem, MYMGN, MMH, GhostPlay, Diplomunion.com, Werewolf Transylvania, MaulBot, Warcraft3.eu


Support us on the official Blizzard forum https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/12790218/ or share your opinions here
You can also leave your vote here: change.org

Alternative platforms to play, on official servers (lets hope they will survive 1.30.2):

Alternative platforms to play, on non official servers:

Alternative games: